Way Station is an interchange station between the reality and hidden dreams in deep mind of everyone. It is station on the way to obscurity.
The band from Kiev tries to define the essence of life through their atmospheric rock music and urge us to search answers for vital questions: What is everything? Who are we? What will be after...
The answers to many questions were recorded in the first capsule "The Ships" (2013), where every single track is a unique story, told us by unusual feelings and own emotions. The journey goes on and we planning to release new album at early 2017...
Let’s join the Way Station spaceship where you always can find mystery, melancholy, peace and newness.

2 Million Light Years (Official Live)

And now we present our long-awaited video!
Made in the biggest music store in Ukraine!
We are grateful for the support to all who helped us to create it!


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2 Million Light Years

Released 22 Dec 2014
One year ago we released our first album «The Ships» and now we have a lot of ideas for the next one.
Some stuff is still in progress, but we’ve gathered our emotions and feelings and composed new tracks. We have a great desire to share these feelings with you, our listeners!


"The Ships" limited edition CD With wide-format artwork, 18x18cm digipack
Soft and comfortable T-shirt with silk screen printing. Artwork by Lita Akhmetova

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